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2 USB port charger

  • GS-50210C
  • GS-50210C
  • GS-50210C


  • Folding plug
  • Dual USB
  • Each port 2.1A max
  • With FCC/ETL/ROHS certificate
  • Product description: Amazon hot selling,5V 2.1A USB charger,2 USB port charger,fast charging charger

Product Model GS-0500210C
input voltage (ACV) 100-240VAC
output voltage (DCV) 5V
rated output current each port 2100mA Max,Dual USB port
output load regulation ±5.0%
output ripple&sound ≤80mVp-p
starting delay(S) starting time:≤500ms,duration time:≥20ms
work efficiency 85%
protection function short-circuit,over-current,over voltage,over-load protection
working enviroment work temp:-10℃~+60℃(full-load)
storage temp:5%-95%RH(no condensation)
test categories no-load voltage,input current,load voltage,ripple output,shell to the ground

With FCC/ROHS/ETL certificate


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