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About us

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen GOOD-SHE technology co., LTD, formerly known as UBP Technology Co., LTD. We are a large professional manufacturer in digital accessories, which consists of many production lines, like power adapter, charger, USB cable, mobile phone bracket, etc.

Three production plants of the Company are currently located in Xixiang, Baoan District, and Longhua New Area respectively, where the production workshop covers a total area of about 5,000 square meters and more than 500 employees are working in.

A complete range of products in different specifications provides many options, and are in large flexibility for the best service of our customers around the world. Above all, our strong R& D will develop new styles of items at regular intervals, every year. Therefore, any customized orders, OEM are also welcome.

The products are with CCC/CE/FCC/ROHS/SAA/ETL/UL/PSE/GS certificates, etc.

Mobile phone bracket series are a “global first”, many kinds of them own patent certificates.

All sets of testing equipments, such as automatic wave welding machine, injection molding equipment, laser welding machine, automatic test system, spectrum analyzer, data acquisition instrument etc. Only the first-class components, materials will be used in our products, to make sure our finished products environmental-friendly, and safe. The power supply series are through 100% full load aging test, annual failure rate lower than 0.2%. Relying on more than 8 years of domestic digital product R& D and manufacturing experience, the company has quickly entered the global market, especially in US and Europe market within 3 years, currently spread to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East etc.

Reliable quality, fast delivery, and cost-performance are the main reasons for our success up to now. We believe our products must be more and more popular with the international market, and look forward to cooperation with you; it will never be a regret for you to be a business partner with us.

Our operating philosophy:

“Continuous pursuit excellence”, “Quality first, customer first”

Our company goal:

“To build one-stop service industry base in digital accessories”

Our quality policy:

“Quality is life”

Power adapter

A variety of adapters in different specification and power are optional.

USB cable

The cable connector can be customized with your device.

Mobile phone bracket

Different types of brackets, Lazy desktop holders for your cell phone and MID, are all customized.

Mobile power bank

Real current, real capacity.


Contact: Jelly Pan

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Email: jelly@good-she.com

Add: No. 29, xinbao, xiuxin community, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

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