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Good-she Tech was founded in 2008 based in Shenzhen and integrated with R&D , production , distribution power adapter, Universal travel charger, USB charger, car charger, wireless charger etC. With 10-year practical experience in this line of business. And factory approved by |S09001-2015 certificate and got authorization of east charge technology of OPPO VOOC. Moreover in hardware pars, good-she tech has the entire safety standard test equipments to ensure is quality from raw material to finished products . We are members of the USB-IF Association and get PD3.0 and QUALCOMM 3.0 certification .Most of the wall chargers have passed CCC/UL/ETL/GS/UKCA/BSMI/ PSE /SAA /CE/ FCC/ROHS etc.
With the high quality products our customers spread in US, Europe, Japan, KR and very hot in Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart, Shopify etC, and most of them are top sellers.
Factory covers more than 10000Square meters with more than 300 members. We have first-class processing equipment , formidable R&D Team and outstanding manufacturing capabilities. 5 of them are experts and 7 senior engineers together with other technical members organized as a strong R&D team. This enhanced our technology advantage. 10 sets of ATE , 25 sets of aging rack and 8 sets of laser machine , 2 sets of wave-soldering unit and together with spectrum analyzer, quadratic element tester, High and low temperature tester With the advanced equipments improved production efficiency and enhanced product quality as well. with 6 production lines ,
our monthly output more than 1.5 milion pcs of items.We enjoyed good prestige as quality stable, in-time delivery and good customer service.We're dedicated to providing OEM/ODM Service for each individual client, helping them succeed in their business.



Contact: Jelly Pan

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Add: No. 29, xinbao, xiuxin community, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

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