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1)Export sales manager (number 5)
Job responsibilities:
1, male or female, rely on the ability. College degree or above, English level four or above, aged between 25-32 years old, proficient in English communication with foreign guests;
2, the company can quickly adapt to the environment, familiar with active products, quickly enter the working state, and meet the requirements of sales;
3, love sales work, have the challenge spirit, hard working, willing to learn and work hard, have good communication skills Wuguanduanzheng;
4, familiar with the trade rules, can work independently in the exhibition, the company will participate in the international electronics exhibition;
5, B2B/B2C foreign websites (such as Alibaba, Globalsources, made in China, aliexpress) working experience is preferred.Post qualification:

1, will use the network to carry out the company's product sales and promotion, through a variety of channels of independent development of customers;
2, the company responsible for the daily operation of the company's online international trading platform account, reply to inquiries, processing orders;
3. Understand and collect the dynamic information of the competitors and competitive products on the network;
4, follow up and maintain new and old customers;
5, in various trading platform release supply and demand information, with Facebook, LinkedIn, QQ, Skype, E-mail and other network communication tools to communicate with customers to promote business;
6, the completion of the sales team to develop the task.
Working hours:
Monday to Saturday 8:30-18:00
The flexible management system, welcome you to become owners of the company, is a young team of people, efforts will be rewarded! .

2)Power product development engineer (3)
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the development and design of power adapter, charger, mobile power supply circuit;
2, to participate in product development and design, provide a feasibility study on electronic and electrical service system;
3, assist production manager in supplier evaluation or recommendation;
4, with the project management team to complete the new product development process.
1, electronic circuit and other related professional college degree or above, three years related working experience;
2, with related electronic products, hardware design and development capabilities, skilled use of relevant design software;
3, with technology, design modification, debugging and testing all technical work ability;
4, proficient in PCB software, familiar with a variety of circuit topology, understand safety, familiar with EMC rectification;


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