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Shenzhen GOOD-SHE Technology Co., Ltd.
Headquarters address: Shenzhen city Baoan District Xixiang Jiuwei Road No. 15 Daronghua Science Park 1, 4 floor

Tel: 0755-29969955 Fax: 0755-29969958

The domestic business center 
Manager: Mr. Lin    Tel: 18718055577
QQ:83016035         E-mail: Tomy@good-she.com

International business center:
Manager: Mr. Pan     phone: 18665806839
QQ:1662928478        E-maill: Jelly@good-she.com

Honest practitioners website publicity content:
Our enterprises advocate honesty, fairness, integrity, pragmatic style.
In daily communication, such as our colleagues not for you to create fair and smooth cooperation environment, without the use of normal mode of cooperation, contrary to any terms of cooperation or regulations or relevant laws and regulations of transgressing behavior, please remember to contact us in time.


Contact: Jelly Pan

Phone: 18665806839

Tel: 0755-29969955

Email: jelly@good-she.com

Add: Daronghua Technology Park Building, Jiuwei Road 15, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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