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GaN 30W USB C Fast Charger

GOOD-SHE launched a 30W GaN mini charger series, which is also compact and more powerful, with 20V output

Last year, the mini charging boom set off by the iPhone 12 swept thousands of players. After a year of development, the mini charging has once again ushered in a new round of evolution, and many manufacturers have launched a new generation of mini charging. Recently, good-she launched a 30W GaN mini charger series, which puts a higher power gallium nitride heart into the same compact body to provide users with a better mini charger.

Shenzhen Good-she Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is a large-scale professional digital accessories manufacturer integrating power adapters, chargers, car chargers, hubs, data cables, and mobile power supplies. With the arrival of the mini charging boom, good-she launched a new generation of 30W GaN mini fast charging, adding another fire to the small steel gun market.。

Appearance overview

The GOOD-SHE 30W GaN mini charger series includes two models, a single USB-C output port configuration, and a maximum output power of 30W. The output panel adopts a smooth and bright surface process, and the sides are treated with matte finish. Because of the high-frequency and high-efficiency GaN power device inside, the volume is much smaller than the common 30W charger on the market, and it has 15V and 20V high-voltage output. Better adapt to tablet and notebook use.

Two kinds of pins are available

The biggest difference between the two products is the pin design. One uses a fixed pin design to maximize the internal space efficiency as much as possible, and the other uses a folding pin design that occupies the internal space. The pins can be stored in the housing when you go out. , Mainly convenient to carry on business trips.

Nameplate parameters

In terms of nameplate parameters, the folding pin model is GS-W30A0931A, and the fixed pin model is GS-W30A0931. Except for the different models, the two 30W mini chargers of GOOD-SHE have the same parameter identification.

The input supports 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.8A global voltage, the output supports 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V2.5A / 15V2A / 20V1.5A five fixed voltage PDOs, and a set of 3.3-11V3A PPS voltage subsets are included.

Suitable for different needs

GOOD-SHE 30W GaN  Mini Charger with fixed pins pursues the minimization of volume. The two pins of the US standard are not foldable, the internal space efficiency is maximized, and the volume used in the socket is relatively smaller. The volume on the hand is close to the mainstream 20W mini charger on the market, and the square appearance is very small and cute

Another GOOD-SHE 30W GaN mini charger with a folding pin design takes into account the needs of traveling. You can see that the entire appearance is integrated after the pins are stored, and it will not scratch other luggage items.

Extremely small

The GOOD-SHE 30W GaN mini charging fixed foot models have measurements of 32.28mm X 32.27mm X 34.92mm, weight 43g, and power density of 0.82W/cm³. The measurements of the GOOD-SHE 30W GaN mini folding feet are 32.14mm X 32.07mm X 41.88mm, the weight is 48g, and the power density is 0.69W/cm³.

As two mini chargers with 20V high voltage output, the GOOD-SHE 30W Gallium Nitride mini charger series is much smaller than the common 30W chargers on the market, and is half the size compared with the Apple 30W charger.

Fast charge  PDO

Use the POWER-Z KT002 USB tester to read the GOOD-SHE 30W GaN mini charging PDO message. The message content of the two products is the same. Both products are developed based on the PD3.0 fast charging standard, with 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V2.5A / 15V2A / 20V1.5A five fixed voltage output files, in addition with 3.3-11V3A / 3.3-16V2A two sets of PPS voltage subsets。

Fast charge agreement

In addition to the USB PD fast charging standard, the two GOOD-SHE 30W GaN mini chargers have common fast charging protocols on the market, such as APPLE2.4A, Samsung5V2A, QC3.0, QC2.0, DCP, etc., suitable for new and old devices use.

At present, this product of GOOD-SHE has been mass-produced and can accept brand OEM order.

Contact details

Contact: Jelly Pan

Contact number: 18665806839

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Corporate website: www.good-she.com


Contact: Jelly Pan

Phone: 18665806839

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Email: jelly@good-she.com

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