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SHENZHEN Good-she technology co,. Ltd.  is a professional charger, data line, power adapter product manufacturer, we present and global retail Amazon, eBay, ALIexpress etc. leading platform for merchants to cooperate, including a variety of products sell well on the platform.

Tech good-she provided by the product quality, low prices, certification is complete, with a good account of the monument.

Good-she tech is a long-term cooperation, and trustworthy suppliers, we will make the product better, more diversified, for consumers and customers to establish long-term win-win.


If you want to know more product information, please contact our sales manager.
E-mail: jelly@good-she.com
Whatsapp:+86 18665806839
Or login to our Alibaba international station: http://good-she.en.alibaba.com/


Contact: Jelly Pan

Phone: 18665806839

Tel: 0755-29969955

Email: jelly@good-she.com

Add: Daronghua Technology Park Building, Jiuwei Road 15, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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